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Our Approach

As a voice actor, your voice and the actor in you are both important. In voice over work (commercials, narration, promotional announcements, phone messages, etc.), a few decades ago the voice often tended to tip the balance. But over a decade ago, producers began to prefer "natural" voices.

So if you can act, innately or through training, you've got a leg up. Today almost anyone can learn how to become a voice actor, if they can also learn the business, can take direction and focus on voice over genres for which they are best suited. But it takes training, and practice.

One of our recent customers:

“I know I’ve said it before, but everyone at continues to be lead by professionalism, quality, and speed of delivery that a voice company must deliver. The rush orders earlier in the week getting recorded the same day and delivered that evening saved the day. They allowed us to get a serious issue corrected for our business partners.Thank you both very much for making it happen and working with me.”

In This World...

There are plenty of people that can do voice acting and voice work for your project. Each has their own set of skills and costs. I like to think of myself as that high end mall store with a Costco cost structure.


Ray Sierengowski

Founder & CEO

The Voice....The Signature Sound of Smooth Small Talk

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